What is unique about Envi4All?

The low IT utilisation forecast algorithm combined with advanced chemical models

A forecasting methodology using a low IT algorithm, combined with advanced chemical models (e.g. WRF-Chem), that is based on the statistical analysis of air quality data for a specific area taking into account the characteristics of its micro-climate.

The personalised Envi4All air quality index

Our customised air quality index takes into account the current air pollution levels and your personal sensitivities and provides you with personalised air quality information.

Forecast data are produced by

  • WRF-chem chemical transport model (spatial resolution ~0.025°x0.025°)

  • CAMS/Copernicus European air quality service (spatial resolution ~0.1°x0.1°)

Forecast data for PM10 & PM2.5 for selected cities are produced by

  • Envi4All (semi-empirical) forecast


The Sympnia project aimed to provide citizens with targeted information about the current and forecast levels of air pollution. Sympnia used data from official ground-based air quality monitoring stations and satellites, as well as measurements from low-cost sensors managed by the citizens themselves. In parallel, and in combination with the above data, a high spatial resolution air quality model, WRF-chem, provided citizens with 3-day forecast of air pollution levels in the greater area of Thessaloniki to better inform the public. Sympnia services were supported through the Envi4All platform.

The next step – hackAIR

If you loved Envi4All as much as we did, hackAIR is here for you! hackAIR is a more integrated version of Envi4All which apart from information about air quality, it also offers personalised information about thermal comfort conditions and the probability of forest fires.

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